Wednesday, October 1, 2008


So.. the internet was down at work from 1:20pm yesterday to about 11am this morning. For most people this is a bummer - you can't surf the interwebs, or check your personal email and so on. It extra-sucks for people who want to do work. In this case we couldn't access our shared drives which decreased the amount of work people could do.

But if you're someone like me - who position is WEB associate (you see that? right in the name, there?) you are sad, sad, sad. Because you can do jack. Because the internet is your thing. I was restricted to working with things I had saved to my computer's C drive. And really, reading Raiser's Edge guides is only so interesting.

Although part of me was griping about why there wasn't a redundant line (apparently there was, but both failed - but no one told me who our ISP is so I could kick them in the nose regardless) another part of me was really, really happy it was not my problem. It was liberating not having to care about fixing the internet, or having to hound someone to fix the internet. The work hierarchy was in place and I didn't have to worry about it. Leaving me free to gripe in my head. It was great.

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