Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Thru the Microscope

Some of my favorite art comes directly from science. I'm especially fond of microscopes - both as a tool, and as industrial design. They uncover tiny worlds that move largely unseen and were undiscovered until the invention of this device.

We can thank Robert Hooke for the Microscope, and for uncovering that tiny world.

Read Hooke's Microphagia, complete with drawings of microscopic creatures.

Snowpocalypse 2.2010

We don't get that much snow. Except this year. With a vengeance.
Last weekend we had about 20-24 inches dumped on us. And just as we really started getting some of it moved out of the way, we're due for another 10-20 inches tonight and tomorrow.

Problem is, we already have 8 foot mountains of plowed snow. So, where are we going to putting this new junk? And what's more - where is all of this gonna go when it starts to melt?

At any rate - it is kinda pretty.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Name three symbols of your identity:

The Spine
I actually feel so strongly about this symbol that I've developed it into a sort of brand identity: Design with Spine. It speaks to me on a lot of different levels. At the most basic - I've got a crooked spine - so I've always been conscious about this part of my physiology, and I've gotten to see lots of representations of my own (in the mirror, as x-rays, in exercise diagrams). I also appreciate it as a communication of mortality. I'm a little on the morbid side - I collect found animal bones and the vertebrae are my favorite. Spines also represent structure which is important to me in life and in design. Finally, I strongly prescribe to the idea that people should "have spines" and stand up for what they believe - whatever that is.

The Pumpkin
I love Halloween - so much that I got married on that date! The pumpkin is associated with that holiday, so it's naturally a symbol that resonates with me. Pumpkins are also planted in the month of June, which is when I was born. They are ready to be harvested in Autumn which is my favorite season. The color orange is my favorite, too. The pumpkin also symbolizes creativity to me - "bearing fruit" and "harvesting" all speak to the creative bounty.

An Old Microscope
I'm equal parts art kid and science dork. So why not a NEW microscope? Because old microscopes to me communicate a sort of revolutionary way of looking at things - it's not all digital and commonplace. The kind of microscope I'm thinking of is turn of the century when science was really coming in to its own. It symbolizes a new field, a spirit of curosity and analysis. Not only were they looking closer, but looking inward.

Egg of the Universe