Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Grandchild's Guide to the Cemetery

(Sorry if this treads on morbid territory, folks. But this post is meant to be a helpful reminder for me, on those occasions when I want to visit the place where my father's parents rest.)

How to get to Fort Lincoln Cemetery:

3401 Bladensburg Rd, Brentwood, MD 20722

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How to get to East Mount Calvery:

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Where to find the Tavel Plot:

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Who will you find there?

Sterlin Tavel Senior, Olivia Tavel, Sterlin Tavel Jr, Ella Mae Tavel, Hilda Gish, and Daniel Tavel.

Other things:

In front of you will be the Garden of the Crucifixion.
Behind you will be the Garden of the Apostles.
There's a big oak tree to your left, and a crazy spruce tree behind you.