Saturday, December 25, 2010

Making Christmas, Part 2

I don't mean to brag, but we've gotten a zillion Christmas cards this year. I also SENT some Christmas cards this year -- I think that's the key. This is just a sampling:

We get cards!

Next year maybe I'll have to get one of those Christmas card trees!

This Christmas I've gotten loads of Christmas style decoration cheer. Notably in the ornament department.

Sam's mom got us this one:
Old World Pumpkin.

So appropriate! We were married on Halloween, and I love Autumn, so it's only fitting we have a pumpkin ornament on our tree.

My Aunt Laura gave me two new ornaments:

The Horse.

This to commemorate my enduring love of horses. It was also crafted by Wayan, and a portion of the purchase goes to a nonprofit.

The Cat.

This I feel commemorates my cat-centric job. Plus, I love how this cat is painted -- orange with green circles.

I also stole some ornaments from my mother's collection. Okay, so stealing isn't the right word. I got these passed down to me ;)

Star Trek Starcraft. Don't be jealous of my nerdiness.

The Sleeping Squirrel. My favorite ornament as a child.

The Peppermint Unicorn. Adorable!

I was also super excited to recieve TWO nativity sets this year. I have previously had NO nativity scene to display, so this was a real treat.

This set was given to me by Sam's mom:

The figures are very realistic in the sense that they look like people and animals. Detailed features, clothes, and so on. I got a stable, Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, manager, and two dogs. The dogs are for Locksley :) and the tradition is to keep Jesus hidden and ONLY place him in the manger Christmas Day. Like magic. This set is soft and probably unbreakable! I also hear it has loads of other figures available -- notably, all sorts of animals.

This set was given to me by my mom:

It was on my wish list :) They're made of wood, I think, and are far more abstract. It's definitely more arty looking, and even though there aren't any features on these faces they are still very expressive.

I love that both of these nativity scenes are distinct and lovely. I can't wait to display them--and all of my new found Christmas decorations--year after year.

Friday, December 17, 2010

The Best Pony Evar

Photos by Jason Putsche.
More here.

EP and Jason accompanied me to the horse barn last weekend to take some photos of the barn cats for work. They also took some pictures of the ponies, and got to meet Gobie.
When we headed out into the pasture to greet Gobie he recognized me instantly and started walking toward us. It was a veritable love-fest with lots of petting and nosing and such. I had brought my curry comb along with me, so besides the usual petting I took the time to brush him down a little. Some of the other horses came over to say hi, and they were all pretty polite for the most part...
Except one black mare. She came over with her ears pinned and looking cranky. I tried shooing her off, but I wasn't very convincing. Gobie too care of us, though. He protected us quite readily by turning his butt to Magic and pinning his ears back. She moseyed off and we were saved. Gobie is a hero, pretty much.
EP and Jason agreed he was a pretty great pony. We showed the photos to the other volunteers and they loved them, of course. <3

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Yule Log

Nothin' better than sitting inside some cold winter's day with the Christmas Tree twinkling, the Yule Log channel a' glowing, and presents wrapped. Cracking and eating mixed nuts for old times sake!

Friday, December 10, 2010


Are you ready for some pretty epic Gingerbreading? Thanks to Molly, tonight was filled with the triumphs and hilarious failures of making Gingerbread houses.

The mood was set with a laptop cranking Christmas Music, ready with Gingerbread icing recipes, and Christmas themed movies playing in the background.

There was also the exciting privilege of seeing, in its natural habitat, Molly's Ridiculous Cabinet Handles.

(and creepy knife set)

Step one was making the icing, using our handy recipe. Four egg whites, Four cups of Confectioner's Sugar, one teaspoon of vanilla extract. Beat until firm!

...or beat until it resembles a Jackson Pollock.

Step two was copious amounts of candy. Which we had IN SPADES.

And the Gingerbreading commenced! It was hard work.

Emily's Creation:

Starting out with a solid foundation.

A roof! And a peppermint ribbon chimney.

The roof is amazing! Post modern!

Also, did you know a hippo lives here?

Also living here: a pirate gingerbread man and his friend.

My Creation:

It was super promising... but then..


Maybe it just wanted to be a big cat zoo exhibit?

I salvaged it into a house -- with a Locksley Dog, poopin on the roof.

Molly's Creation:

Solid foundations -- with a cyclops gingerbread man supervising.

The roof -- steady as she goes!

The cyclops, tearing the roof from the house, to access the people inside.

A near tragedy -- the walls start to slip!

But an epic recovery! The cyclops carnage is complete with the house on "flames"!

As you can probably tell, Gingerbreading was a success.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Making Christmas

When it comes to holidays, my heart belongs to Halloween. I was married on Halloween, for pete sake. But for the first year ever, I'm actually getting kind of excited about Christmas. Starting out, I was a little worried about this blossoming Christmas Holiday relationship. I didn't have any decorations, after all. And the few that I bought looked a little silly amongst all the deer skulls, black furniture, and orange accents.

But it's okay! I think it's starting to look like a legitimate Christmas.

Smells like a pine tree! Okay, no it doesn't. Faaaake!

I know it's leaning. SO WHAT.

Our star, and a "My First Christmas" ornament with our smoochy faces. (Thanks mom)

Dorsia isn't sure what to make of the tree.

This is Dorsia's ornament.

This is Locksley's ornament.


Sam's armadillo.

Purple glass owl, and vintage glass mushroom. (thanks Lore)

The red nutcracker. (Thanks Allison)

The blue nutcracker. (What? I like nutcrackers, okay?)

The fox.

I was super organized this year and have nearly everyone's present wrapped and ready. If I get them mailed on time it will be a Christmas miracle.