Saturday, December 4, 2010

Pony Blankets

Thanks to the sudden onset of winter with extremely chilly temperatures, the horses at HorseNet Horse Rescue had to be blanketed. Some of them -- like my favorite, Gobie -- didn't need a blanket because they are healthy enough, and already super furry. But many of the rescue horses needed blankets because they didn't have their own furry warmth, or were sick, or skinny, or old.

But that meant we got to groom the horses, and fit them with blankets.

Robey wanted some attention, too. But he didn't need a blanket.

He was extremely nosy about the grooming box.

The girls, grooming one of the horses.

Everyone on the hill, some with blankets, some without. All happy!

It was a pretty mellow day at the horse barn. Maybe it was because it was so cold. Or maybe it's because they know Christmas is coming.

Sleeping and soaking up the sun.

I wonder if Santa will leave treats for the horses in these stockings?

Happy Holidays!

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