Monday, December 6, 2010

My own pony! (sort of)

I'm sponsoring Gobie, one of the horses at HorseNet Horse Rescue, and today I got his sponsorship packet in the mail!

It was really well put together with a letter from the Executive Director, my donations to date, some information on the organization, a business card, and a photo of Gobie including his story:

"Gobie is a super cute 9yr brown/grey pony gelding.

He came to HorseNet from a horrible abuse case in WV. Gobie arrived with the rest of his herd of horses, they were malnourished, infected with parasites, and all had painfully over grown hooves. They had not been receiving proper care from their former owner for many months and their temperament and body condition showed it. They were basically wild horses. Gobie was one of the ones who turned around quickly. After much needed care and attention his health and behavior was complete different. He became a wonderful, loving boy.

Gobie is also a very comical boy, who is very willing to please and tease. He loves treats and a good scratch. He is enjoying his life in his herd of horses. This little man will make a great project for someone who can put the time and patience into training him.

Gobie has been with HorseNet since 2004 and is patiently awaiting his very own life long loving home."

I was sad to hear that he was part of an abuse case, but I was glad he made it to HorseNet. The description is totally fitting. And I was surprised to read that he's been at the rescue since 2004. That seems like forever!

At any rate, it was great hearing more about the pony I've been pining over for the last several months.

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