Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Making Christmas

When it comes to holidays, my heart belongs to Halloween. I was married on Halloween, for pete sake. But for the first year ever, I'm actually getting kind of excited about Christmas. Starting out, I was a little worried about this blossoming Christmas Holiday relationship. I didn't have any decorations, after all. And the few that I bought looked a little silly amongst all the deer skulls, black furniture, and orange accents.

But it's okay! I think it's starting to look like a legitimate Christmas.

Smells like a pine tree! Okay, no it doesn't. Faaaake!

I know it's leaning. SO WHAT.

Our star, and a "My First Christmas" ornament with our smoochy faces. (Thanks mom)

Dorsia isn't sure what to make of the tree.

This is Dorsia's ornament.

This is Locksley's ornament.


Sam's armadillo.

Purple glass owl, and vintage glass mushroom. (thanks Lore)

The red nutcracker. (Thanks Allison)

The blue nutcracker. (What? I like nutcrackers, okay?)

The fox.

I was super organized this year and have nearly everyone's present wrapped and ready. If I get them mailed on time it will be a Christmas miracle.

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