Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I am good at the internet

I am in a job transition. My last day at the job I've had for nearly 2 years was July 25th, my first day at the new job will be August 4th. That means I have a whole week to reflect and get ready which was afforded to me by the wisdom of my new employer. When they asked "When can you start?" I of course enthusiastically replied "Whenever you need me to", but instead of saying "Tomorrow!" they said "Why don't you take a week off and start on the 4th". Brilliant. I need people to set boundaries since - as evidenced with the last job - my work ethic can get the best of me.

Regardless I've been spending the time rediscovering why I love the internet in the first place. I've been researching getting a laptop for school (since the company issued one is where it belongs - with the company I left), re-acquainting myself with personal email, and playing with an assortment of Google incepted toys. I've been bouncing around bulletin boards, signing up to mailing lists, and - yes - spending way too much time with lolcats.

I've also been thinking about actually working on my website, making an honest woman out of my blog (what?), and finally getting around to picking my mother's brain about setting up her website.

Today I realized it was only TUESDAY. That is good and also terrifying. I don't feel like I've had this much time on my hands in a while and I apologize in advance for whatever messes I make between now and gainful employment.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


I have acquired a dog.
This should be absolutely no surprise since I have a long history of surrounding myself with animals. However even I will admit that this was probably a bad idea, mostly impulsive, and something I will mostly likely regret on a bi-weekly basis.

I am of course being melodramatic.
For months and months I had been scouring pet shelters looking for a dog that might like to come home with me. I finally picked a medium sized Afghan Hound Mix Female. When I went to visit, though, it turned out the dog was more like a large German Shepherd Mix Male. Oops. Fortunately (for him) he was very endearing and I decided to fill out adoption papers anyway.

I ended up bringing him home on June 27th and spending the rest of the weekend FREAKING OUT. Mostly because I thought I was just filling out paper work and not bringing him home until the week after. But no. Chaos, right out of the gate.
Thanks to my very best partner in crime I kept my head on and so far dog partnership has been pretty entertaining. We've gone to the woods in Pennsylvania, walked around Old Town Alexandria, had 4th of July in Delaware, and taken a swim in a Lake in North Carolina.
The Dog's name is Locksley (or Loxley, if you prefer) as in "Robin Of". While he is a bit puppyish (he's maybe 10 months old and gets bored - read: destructive/hyper - with a frequency that I can mostly tolerate) he did come crate trained, knowing how to sit, lay own, and "shake", and for the most part listens really well. He get walked twice a day for anywhere between 15 and 40 minutes and has energy to spare.

So be on the lookout. Click on the picture above for an album. More pictures as they come, and probably some good adventure stories.