Friday, November 26, 2010

Thankful for Horses

I don't usually go to HorseNet Horse Rescue on Fridays, but today was a post-Thanksgiving volunteer meeting. Those of us who come out to volunteer don't always meet each other with those differing schedules, so this was a good time to say hey to fellow horse lovers.

It was also a good excuse to drag Sam out to show him what I'm up to on those Saturday mornings at the horse farm. He was a trooper! We walked out to one of the far pastures to bring some horses to be groomed before being ridden. He also got to meet Gobie.

Looking out for other horses while brushing Gobie.

We didn't go out to bring Gobie in, but he followed some other horses in to get some attention from us. He was as cute and endearing as ever. He's looking pretty woolly with this colder weather.

Adorable furry legs!

Sam and I walked the fence with one of the other volunteers to check to make sure there weren't any ways for the horses to get out. Although the weather was cold and cloudy, it was pretty out there.

Up on the hill.

The whole farm was getting decked out for the holidays. That means lights, garland, bows, and the whole works. It's looking pretty cute out there.

I'm grateful to be able to come out to the rescue and spend time with the horses and the dedicated volunteers.

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