Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Name three symbols of your identity:

The Spine
I actually feel so strongly about this symbol that I've developed it into a sort of brand identity: Design with Spine. It speaks to me on a lot of different levels. At the most basic - I've got a crooked spine - so I've always been conscious about this part of my physiology, and I've gotten to see lots of representations of my own (in the mirror, as x-rays, in exercise diagrams). I also appreciate it as a communication of mortality. I'm a little on the morbid side - I collect found animal bones and the vertebrae are my favorite. Spines also represent structure which is important to me in life and in design. Finally, I strongly prescribe to the idea that people should "have spines" and stand up for what they believe - whatever that is.

The Pumpkin
I love Halloween - so much that I got married on that date! The pumpkin is associated with that holiday, so it's naturally a symbol that resonates with me. Pumpkins are also planted in the month of June, which is when I was born. They are ready to be harvested in Autumn which is my favorite season. The color orange is my favorite, too. The pumpkin also symbolizes creativity to me - "bearing fruit" and "harvesting" all speak to the creative bounty.

An Old Microscope
I'm equal parts art kid and science dork. So why not a NEW microscope? Because old microscopes to me communicate a sort of revolutionary way of looking at things - it's not all digital and commonplace. The kind of microscope I'm thinking of is turn of the century when science was really coming in to its own. It symbolizes a new field, a spirit of curosity and analysis. Not only were they looking closer, but looking inward.

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