Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Doctor Diatribe

Let me preface this story by saying: I am a bit of a workaholic and don't take sick days very often. So the fact that I took work off today alone should say something about the issue.

I wanted to take a moment to diatribe about doctors. I hate them and do not trust them or respect them. I mean, I do respect them as human beings. But I do not intellectually buy in to the idea that they know more than I do, although I apparently do in practice. What am I talking about?

Well, I took off work today because I have been feeling especially sick for the past two days. I say especially because for the paste several months my neck has been giving me trouble. You might remember that I had something hacked out my neck last year. I have now had recurring issues where my throat feels swollen, like someone is jabbing their finger in to the surrounding muscles (and whatever lymph nodes and other weird things are around there). Sometimes this will be accompanied by feeling flushed.
So I go to the doctors today to get this stuff checked out. And I tell him "and I cyst taken out of my neck" yadda yadda. You'd think a doctor would say "oh, she has a pre-existing condition" and send me to a ear nose and throat doctor who knows things. But no. He suggests I take allergy medicine, and has me get blood taken because I walk my dog and maybe a tick bit me.


Of course I had absolutely no spine, and should have said "hey, give me a referral will you or a soft tissue xray". But I didn't. I just did what he told me. Which is annoying because I know two weeks from now I'll just be back in there with my neck still feeling obnoxious.


Anonymous said...

I don't trust them either. It's probably just that you haven't seen me in forever n a half. It's Ross by the way. The doctors at hopkins just ruined a co-workers life by botching the surgery he had on his back and now he can't move half of his body. The more money they make the worse they are in my mind.

june said...

I remember voltronFACE :)
I hope your friend sues the crap out of them.

Laura Jane said...

wow, june, i'm sorry this happened.. i'm right there with you re: doctors. i'm starting a blog about it, actually. allopathic medicine is totally effed. i went to a holistic doctor and FINALLY AFTER YEARS AND YEARS got diagnosed with a severe hormonal imbalance. the conventional docs insisted there was nothing wrong with me and all they would ever do was offer me birth control pills and antidepressants. long story, but yeah, it's crazy how they ruin peoples' lives. have you ever tried doing weird dietary things to see if that makes you feel better?