Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Dead things, and more dead things

The New York Times was definitely on the ball. They've run TWO articles recently that got me excited.

ONE: American Psycho, the musical
As most people who have been around me for any length of time know, I'm kind of a fan of American Psycho. It started with the movie (Christian Bale!) which prompted the speedy purchase and consequent reading of the book. And, as usual, "the book was better". So, then a became a Bret Easton Ellis fan. Anyway - it seems to me like American Psycho would be a fantastic musical. It has a great balance of comedy, music, and of course horror. I am most definitely going to see this in person once it gets into production - requiring a trip to NYC, and maybe reservations at Dorsia's (kidding).

TWO: Ornithology as art
Most of us know about John Audubon or Albertus Seba (or maybe I just think people do... nature art nerds!) but I've always been intrigued by nature as art in areas other than illustration. What really got me going was the idea of "Nature and Birds: Science Art From Cave Walls to Computer Screens". When ever there is a synthesis of different media it usually turns out to be something very novel and interested (or at least unexpected). The idea that humans and animals have been linked from day one is something I support, and it's interesting to see art thrown into the mix as well.

So, there was have it. Two of my favorite ideas involving dead things.

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