Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Halloween NOMS

I love halloween. I have never been a big candy fiend, or a big "foodie". But something about this holiday makes me both. I want to make delicious autumn food, and eat extremely snotty candy. Like the stuff below:

Day of the Dead Skulls
Sweet skulls, sweet skulls! A skull for a soul! These look delicious and they SOUND delicious. I've had some chocolate from these folks before and while it is most definitely pricey it does a crazy dance on your tongue.

Classic Pumpkins - aka Drunken Chocolate Figs
Not only do these look cute, but they are FIGS drenched in whiskey clove ganache. I support inebriated fruit, and autumn so really - what's not to like?

Grey Salt Apple
There are lots of yummy items at this link but, in keeping in with the fruit theme - chocolate covered apples. They have lot of varieties lists but I think the grey salt apple looks fanciest.

That's it for now! More Halloween to come...

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