Monday, December 22, 2008

Cult of Yaris

As soon as I got a job after moving back to Maryland I bought my very first car: 2007 Yaris Hatchback. It's a hilarious little vehicle that can fit into any parking space, cost under 15,000 and gets at least 35 MPG. Their ad campaigns were cute, too.

Naturally I keep an eye out for other Yarises (Yari? Yarum?) so imagine my delight when a white hatchback Yaris started becoming a fixture in the apartment parking lot. Silver Yaris (mine) and White Yaris became pals, parking next to eachother and the like.

So this holiday season I got White Yaris a pine tree car freshener. I wrote a little note that said something like "To: White Yaris, From: Silver Yaris" and stuck it under the windsheild wiper.

TODAY I came out to my car and found a note. It said something to the effect of:"Thanks for the air freshener! Maybe we should go grab a cup of gasoline sometime?"

I love it when people (I mean cars) play along.

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