Saturday, June 6, 2009


For a long time I did not have a favorite restaurant - then along came Jaleo.
Similarly, I haven't really had a favorite bar before. Mind you, I've had bars I've been partial to - The Back Bar at the 9:30 Club, The Black Cat's Red Room, and DC9 - for instance. But no bar that I would proclaim as being MY FAVORITE.

Well, Friends. That time is over. My favorite bar is Relic, in Bethesda.

I know. Not even in a proper city. But let me tell you why it's great (NOT listed in order of relevance).

1. It's by my work. Making it convenient for after-work happy hours.
2. The aforementioned Happy Hour is brilliant - $3 rails, $5 sangria, $3 tapas (and a GOOD selection of tapas - no dregs)
3. Did you catch that they have sangria? Yes. That's number 3.
4. Did you catch that they have tapas? You got it. Number 4.
5. The prices are reasonable.
6. Red velvet couches, and little baroque patterned seats.
7. Crazy animal pattern patch work couches.
8. Horse saddles for bar stools.
9. Unparalleled decor. If you haven't guessed.
10. A full (and excellent) bar.
11. Remarkably not obnoxious electronic music.

I'm pretty sure whoever is responsible for this bar snuck into my head one night and stole my thoughts. It's some weird combination between vampire/cowboy bar (but NOT a vampire cowboy bar).

I'm probably not selling this very well, but that's fine. I hope only enough people come to keep it in business, and that it not become some trendy hotspot. So I can horde it all to myself. Obviously.

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