Tuesday, June 9, 2009

06.09 - Nine Inch Nails

The first order of the day was rescuing an awesome bug. I found it on the sidewalk looking frazzled probably because of one of the tremendous thunderstorms we've been having. I put it on the balcony in the shade so it could recover in peace.
Speaking of storms, there was one brewing as we set out for Merriweather Post Pavillion. The sky looked particularly menacing - as did the traffic.

We made it! Street Sweeper Social Club was even kind of entertaining. They at least said some hilarious self-effacing things. And had cute jackets.
The best part, of course, was the amazing show put on by Nine Inch Nails. It was fantastic. Reznor never disappoints. They even played Burn and Dead Souls. Ding!
We did NOT stick around for Jane's Addiction mostly because we were thirsty and starving. So we left and attended to that. All in all an excellent evening.

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