Wednesday, June 10, 2009

06.10 - The National Zoo

An excellent time at the Zoo for my birthday.

Stuff anyone likes: The Animals

Highlights: Turtles on Monkey Island, the mommy anteater with baby hitching a ride on her back, Bald Eagle, Spectacled Bear, Tiger, Komodo Dragon and Toucan Sam (apologies to Sam).

Stuff nerds like me like: The Exhibit Design

Highlights: The Zoo clocktower - kind of creepy, a peek into the sciencey side of things in the Invertebrate House, the sign for the Asia Trail - the best designed exhibit in the WHOLE ZOO, part of the panda exhibit (part of the asia trail), an interactive sign about salamanders - you pull the tabs coming from behind the giant salamander body, another part of the panda exhibit about conservation, signage for the sloth bear including spikey fencing that looks like bamboo, construction for the new Elephant Trail (it's about time they do something for those guys) with tiny elephants in the background watching the giant metal elephants do work, and another peek into the sciencey side of things - this time with Things In Jars.

Also happened upon the Asia Trail Visitor's Center where I was able to ask the lady there (Ethel!) who designed the exhibit. She gave me two names: Quinn Evans and Portico Group. I <3 Portico Group.

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