Monday, January 14, 2008

Terrible Type

I'm a visual person. I dig aesthetics. So when I travel places (out of state, or out of my bedroom) it's not unusual that I catch something I think is brilliant (the way branches look against the sky) or awful (like the example below):

This image is brought to you by the New York Subway. I'm not a type snob or anything, but even I can tell that whoever made this sign goofed up big time. It made me laugh hysterically (okay, maybe that does make me a type snob - but I think it was more because it was late at night). If you can't tell, the letters are hilariously wrong. The o's look like they are on their side, the e and the a look like they're from a different type face all together, and letters don't even look like they share the same baseline.
Something curious to note is that all the signs in this particular car were like this, but other cars seemed to have been saved from this horrible error. I wonder if a batch of these signs were just horribly botched but used anyway on this one particular car?

At any rate, I thought it was amusing in a typographical horrorshow kind of way.

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Laura said...

That sign is hilarious!!! I love it.

I just watched the movie "Helvetica" (about the typeface) last night. It was pretty cool.