Thursday, January 24, 2008

Get you some Education

I'm kind of a pain in the ass. In fact, some might claim I like to do things the hard way. Case in point: my educational history.
I started, fresh out of high school, going to the Academy of Art College, in San Francisco. I love it there! It was great! I didn't take nearly as much advantage of my time there as I should of. I stopped going after a year because I freaked out about money (the prospect of being $40,000+ in debt when you're 18 is pretty daunting).
But! I was committed to learning! So where-ever I moved (and I moved a lot) I enrolled in school., Evergreen State University, and a couple of community college later I have finally decided to bite the bullet and go back to my original "first love" - The Academy of Art University.

Am I moving? Nope! They have a completely online curriculum which is great considering my propensity for hopping states (oops).

So there you have it. I will be working my ass off for the next semester. On my plate:
Design Technology
Digital Photography
Art History through the 15th Century
Book Arts 1

Look for varied and weird updates in the future.

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