Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Favorite Creeps

I've been on a bit of a German Expressionism kick lately. It's aesthetically pleasing to me -- something about high contrast black and white, crazy angles, severe brush strokes and over all creepiness of it.

Visually speaking, I'm rather fond of two German actors in particular: Conrad Veidt and Max Schreck.

Conrad Veidt

Aw, handsome right?

young veidt

mature veidt

How about that hair, right? Nothing says sophisticated like white on the sides. And then there's the long nose and those super dark eyes. Angles and contrast, friends! Dear Veidt was in two pretty excellent films:

The Man Who Laughs

That grin! Holy god.

And The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

Watch the full-length film, The Cabinet of Dr Caligari:

Max Schreck

No, not THIS Max Schreck:

THIS Max Schreck:

He has been described as being "pointy" and "rat-like". And it's true. But it's the best kind of pointy and rat-like. This is my favorite photo of him -- the fixed gaze, dark around the eyes, pencil thin pursed lips, pointy ears, equally pointy eyebrows and... of course... a widow's peak.

You're probably familiar with at least one of his movies: Nosferatu.

Oh hi, Max!

I am so entertained by Max Schreck, that I made some t-shirts. In an era of lame vampires, his seminal depiction of the undead is refreshing.

Watch the full-length film, Nosferatu:

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