Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Mail

Today I had so SO MUCH fantastic Halloween mail waiting for me. Not one, but TWO packages. They were sent, independently, from two of my favorite people: my sister, and my aunt.

Package One
Package One was sent by my sister. It actually arrived yesterday, but it was delivered to the office because it was TOO BIG to fit in my mailbox.
Thick, squishy envelope -- I wonder what's in it?

Locksley was super interested in what was in this package. He insisted on being involved in the opening process.
'scuse me, dog!

Inside the package was an envelope and four smaller packages wrapped in excellent halloween-themed tissue paper!
What an adorable group!

Inside each tissue-papered treasure were treats! Since my sister didn't think she'd be getting any trick-or-treaters, she thought she'd give treats to her favorite "kids";) Super cute!

I can't wait to try them all! Some highlights: "cat butt" gum, pumpkin truffles, candy corn saltwater taffy, and sour pumpkins.
Locksley says, "I know these aren't dog treats, but can I have some anyway?" Nope, sorry dog!

Thank you, dear sister!

Package Two
Package Two was sent by my aunt. Earlier this month she had sent a card to my dog for Halloween so I was DELIGHTED to get my own autumnal salutation. Her envelopes are always easily identifiable in the mail. Bright ORANGE! And a great E.A.Poe stamp.

I should note that this envelope was ENCASED in packaging tape. It was great fun getting in to. Although it might look like it, Locksley did NOT help.

Inside was a Haunt House Halloween card, WITH STICKERS!

And a mysterious bubble-wrapped package.
...biodegradable bubble-wrap.

Inside the bubble-wrap was a CD of custom-made tunes, perfect for the autumn activity of exploring graveyards.
Complete with headstone cover art.

I can't wait to give it a listen! Since I don't know of any good, old cemeteries in this area to visit I will listen to it while going to visit the horses in New Windsor instead.
Great CD color, too, don't you think?

Thank you, dear aunt!

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