Monday, August 16, 2010


I am getting my wisdom teeth out. For the longest time I didn't even have the roots for wisdom teeth, and even now, I only have 3 of the usual 4. But, it's time they come out since they've already ruined the work of about a thousand years of braces, and they are starting to hurt.

I'm not very squeamish about medical stuff, but for some reason I'm not too crazy about getting these suckers out. I've had teeth pulled before, but these are impacted. I also think my dentist is kind of a quack. least this quack has teeth, right?

I'm sure everything will go fine, though. After all, times have changed. We've come a long way from chewing on willow bark or sipping brandy for tooth relief, and dental science has progressed (a least a little bit) beyond rusty wrenches and crooked knives for tooth extraction.

...or whatever is going on here.

I'm still not convinced that tooth worms aren't responsible for my wisdom teeth woes. But the big question is, will they let me keep my gnarly teeth once they pull them?

even though I won't do anything nearly this cool with them?

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