Sunday, July 18, 2010

Farmers Market

Every weekend there's a Farmers Market in Old Greenbelt, and every weekend I try to remember to go. Like a lot of people who frequent Farmers Markets, I go to support local farmers whose practices I believe make for healthier food.

It's also a more tactile experience. In a typical grocery store I feel like all the offerings are the same - tomatoes, peaches, and so on, all roughly the same size and color. At the Farmers Market there are different booths with food form different farms. The selection process takes more time, checking the variety of offerings, assessing each item. It's a conscious effort.

Look at that color. OM NOM NOM!

I can't get everything at the Farmers Market. I also shop at MOMs (My Organic Market), and a grab couple of basics at the regular grocery store. It does take more time to do the grocery shopping, but I love the way my refrigerator looks afterward.

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