Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cactus Spider

We have about a zillion cactuses (or cacti, if you please) living on our apartment balcony. And apparently, we have something ELSE living on our balcony, too.

I present to you: Cactus Spider.

It be fair, I have been holding out on you a little. This spider has actually been living on this particular cactus for several months. But it's gotten decidedly larger, and its web has gotten much larger and more interesting.

If you look closely at the web in the photo above you should be able to tell that instead of a "charlotte" style pattern, the web is more like something you'd see on your screen door. They're all very tiny squares, basically. I had never seen something like it.

You can't see it in any of these photos as far as I can tell, but its legs have really loooong, sticking-straight-out hairs all over them. Silly looking -- and kind of like the spines on our cactuses.

But, my favorite thing about our spider friend are its googly eyes. Usually you'd expect several beady eyes arranged on the front of a spider's head. Not this one! It appears to have two round googly eyes situated at the front, or slightly under its body. It may have more eyes underneath it (or on the top of it's head) but it's perpetually upside down so we always see this rather goofy spider look on its face.

I have no idea what KIND of spider it is, but it's nice to come out and check up on.


just jenn said...

eeeewwwww.... [insert girly scream - well, as girly as you can imagine me screaming]

she/he is very cool. two summers ago, i had a scribbler that was very hard to relocate (what - it was in the tomato plant and i had to pick the tomatoes without screaming like a girl), so i get that they are good and cool and ...eew, a spider?!

june said...

I know, right?! I wish I could figure out what kind it is. Sam said, "OMG IS IT POISONOUS?!"