Sunday, September 13, 2009

2 a.m. has been kind to me.

The moral of this post is: staying up past my bedtime yields excellent results.

So the name of this place makes me think of middle-school D&D players, but they carry a lot of excellent things that peculiar people like.
Some favorites:

Excellent Pairing #2: Puscifer - "The Mission": James Maynard Keenan, feat. Milla Jovovich
I am no doubt late on the boat on this, but the music is decent and I've been known to be fond of both of these artists in the past.
Here's a video:

Excellent Pairing #1: Alexander McQueen and Raymond Watts
This pairing is excellent for two reasons: I really like the aesthetic of Alexander McQueen even though I am in no way a fashionista of any sort;

and my love of Raymond Watts' work should be at this point extremely well documented. Here is a video of a McQueen catwalk, accompanied by Raymond's music:

I love it. It's always comforting to see other art kids with the same aesthetic - especially when they are more brilliant than I am.

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