Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hermit Crabs

An integral part of the beach experience for me, are hermit crabs.
Technically speaking, it's a tragedy. Hermit Crabs are wild caught, and interred in unsuitable habits in stores until they are purchased by unwitting tourists.

But, there's something about those plastic cages and crazy shells. Any other time of the year I would not want a hermit crab, but being at the beach nearly demands that I get a pair of these fellows.

The first (and arguably the best) hermit crabs I had were named Gin and Tonic. I had a couple hermies in Washington, but they were short lived.

Presenting the newest hermit crabs: Martini and Olive.

Martini (with the orange shell) is smaller and more shy.
Olive (with the green shell) is bigger and more active.

We'll see how this all goes! We leave, Maryland bound, tomorrow.


Marie said...

Please do visit Crab Street Journal for proper care and set up for your new little friends. They can live for years with the proper crabitat and care.

june said...

Thanks Marie!