Saturday, May 9, 2009


We took Locksley to the dog park today where there were several other, really fun dogs around to play with. That was kind of surprising since it's been very rainy here for the past couple days, so things were pretty muddy. Apparently, a product of all that mud was that a snapping turtle was washed into the dog park. One of the other dog park patrons (human! not animal, thank goodness) found this guy looking traumatized under a tree.
I volunteered to take it back to a pond but since the little guy was so dehydrated, motionless and just depressed looking I decided it was probably a good idea to get him feeling a little more spunky before tossing him into an environment where he'd have to fend for himself.
So a trip to the Petstore! A 10 gal tank, some gravel, dechlorinator, and some turtle pellets. He's already acting much better and I expect that we'll release him into a lake in a couple days or so.

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June said...

Maybe I should clarify why this post is titled "GAMERA!!!!"
When I was little, we'd take care of turtles all the time. Especially these little baby snapping turtles.
I would name them all Gamera, after the Japanese Monster: