Saturday, April 11, 2009


I have a confession.
When I was a little kid I would go into the fridge and eat plain iceberg lettuce from the crisper drawer.
Since there is nothing delicious about plain lettuce, you might wonder why.

You may blame Rapunzel directly.

There was some cartoon I saw about Rapunzel and, true to the original story, rampion is what got the whole story started. You see, the mother of the unborn Rapunzel had a craving for Rampion and begged her husband to steal some from a witch's garden. The witch didn't appreciate that, and got a baby out of the deal. Or something like that.

The Rampion depicted looked like lettuce to me. So there's the correlation.

As a grown up, I want to grow Rampion (not eat lettuce, or steal from witches). Apparently it's pretty rare, so I've been reading up. I was interested to find out this about the medicinal uses of the plant:

'Some affirme that the decoction of the roots are good for all inflammation of the mouth and almonds of the throte and other diseases happening in the mouth and throte, as the other Throte warts.'
- Gerard

I have no idea what Throat Warts are. But the notion that this plant has something to do with the throat is amusing to me, since I have a crazy throat. Foreshadowing!


Laura Jane said...

i actually know exactly what you're talking about. i had a similar reaction -- i remember it always seemed like it would be really delicious, even though i hated vegetables as a child.

june said...

I can't imagine you hating vegetables. I can imagine us having something awesome in common ;)