Thursday, April 23, 2009

Animals at work

One of the greatest things about where I work is the animal company. Our office has five cats that live there full time. They are valuable co-workers who remind us when we need to tidy our desks (by barfing all over important papers) and when to take a break (by kicking our mouse off the desk).

Jared is my best pal at the office. I think he must know about my affinity for big white cats. He is the most insistent office cat - if you ignore him he will jump into your lap, or tap you on the shoulder. His favorite spot is sleeping between my keyboard and my monitor. This leaves my keyboard full of white fur, and on more than one instance it has interrupted screen sharing sessions with Blackbaud. I also think it's the greatest thing ever.

Another perk of having such an animal friendly office space is that I can bring Locksley to work whenever I need (or feel like). Locksley's opinion of being at work fluctuates. For the most part he has an excellent time visiting people in their cubes, running away from the cats (especially Jared), playing with the other office dogs, and looking for cat toys to play with (despite having a zillion of toys from home around).

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