Thursday, January 8, 2009


I pretty frequently get hankerings for old favorites. My my recent has been for the movie Ladyhawke. Thank goodness for YouTube.

It stars Rutger Hauer which is why I like it. I do enjoy the running dialogue Philipe "The Mouse" Gastone has with God through the whole movie, but the very best part is Rutger Hauer's character Navarre. I freely acknowledge that I haven't seen a lot of Rutger Hauer movies. And I admit I probably like the idea of Rutger Hauer than actually Rutger Hauer. But I think I can be excused for that, because his name is really fun to say. Rutger Hauer.

At any rate. Ladyhawke is a good 80's movie. Complete with terrible (and by terrible I mean awesome) 1980s soundtrack. It follow the genre of movies I was into as a unicorn loving little girl - action/fantasy. Medieval! Magic! Church! People Who Turn Into Animals! A Man Who Dresses In Black and Rides a Horse! Enough to make my 6 year old heart swoon.

Anyway. Enjoy!

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