Sunday, January 18, 2009


Because it's almost dinner and I'm hungry...

My favorite restaurant of all times: Jaleo.

I had never even HAD tapas until I visited this place, and it was completely by good fortune. The first year Sam and I were dating I took him to see Titus Andronicus at the Shakespeare Theatre Company in Downtown, DC. It was a fantastic play - one of Sam's favorites, and visually stunning. Once it was over, though, we were starving. Fortunately one or two doors down was Jaleo.

To me the tapas premise is generally genius: small servings of a variety of thoughtfully composed dishes. But, my experience at Jaleo did prompt me to try out every (and I mean EVERY) tapas joint I came across and I have to say none of them (!!!) could really hold a candle to Jaleo.

That's enough. If I write any more I will die - either from hunger, or from disappointment when I finally do eat something not tapas.


Laura said...

Wow that looks REALLY good! I want to go there on our next MD visit!

june said...

I would INSIST on it :)