Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Place for a Pony

Today Sam and I went on a visit to Ellicot City.

The main purpose was to check out a place offering horse boarding. I found out about it on Craigslist and was amazed at the price and then really pleasantly surprised by the location--just 30 or 40 minutes away.

Getting there was a piece of cake. The house was nestled back in a little wooded area a big off a main road. When we pulled in to the drive we were greeted by two adorable corgis. They were vocal but really friendly and enjoyed the scritches and attention. Bonnie, the owner of the place came out to say hi.

To say this place was perfect might sound like over enthusiasm but really, it was perfect. The I-would-like-to-live-here! kind of perfect.

The house where Bonnie lives is central to the six-acre property. When you're coming up the drive there's a paddock on the left, and then two paddocks in the back behind the house. There are trees on all sides protecting the fields from wind and providing some shelter to the horses. There are also at least three shelters.

The fence line along the driveway.

the paddock along the driveway.

Bonnie's house.

The back paddocks.

Some of the shelters.

Bonnie was really nice and easy to talk to. She inspired the kind of confidence in me I was hoping for--really sweet, and really experienced. She said she had three other people who boarded, in addition to her own horse that lives on the property. She goes riding about once a week she said.

She also has indoor cats in addition to the two corgis. And she allows people to bring their dogs if they like!

Some of the boarders' horses, relaxing in the paddock.

She has a trailer and said she was happy to do any short trailering. There are places to ride around her house, but I got the impression that every so often she would take the horses out to ride someplace new.


I told her about some of my past horse experience, and that I've been volunteering at HorseNet Horse Rescue for a little over 6 months. The visit left me pretty excited and happy about what could be coming next...

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