Sunday, January 9, 2011

Jaleo FTW

I didn't even like food before I met Jaleo. That's absolutely true. But one day, after Sam and I had caught the play Titus Andronicus at the Shakespeare Theatre Company in DC, we were starving and needed some sustenance. Jaleo to the rescue!

Ever since then, Jaleo has come to the rescue a zillion more times. It's been my favorite restaurant ever since that first dinner. We've tried lots of other place of course, but most of the time there's a feeling of "why didn't we just go to Jaleo?"

Some favorites:

Tostada con salmon ahumado y huevo duro. This isn't always available, but it is by far my favorite. In fact, we've tried to duplicate it at home! Some of my favorite things: salmon, goat cheese, egg, and capers.
Endibias con queso de cabra y naranjas. Endives with goat cheese orange and almonds! I usually not a sweet/citrus kind of person but man is this delicious. It taste clean, clean, clean and pleasantly satisfying.

There are more favorites of course (and new things to try) but this is just a taste.

The best sangria OF ALL TIME. I'm serious. This was my first "salad drink" -- where fruit and mint were combined in a beverage -- and all others have paled in comparison. Another Jalo favorite that we've tried to duplicate at home.

Basque Cake. This is basically made of heaven and is my favorite dessert. Creamy in the middle, with cinnamon accents and vanilla ice cream to compliment.

The service is always great. PLUS in the spring and summer they have outdoor seating where dogs are welcome.

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