Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ponies Ponies Ponies!! Part 1

If you didn't know it already, horses are pretty much drugs to girls. At least some girls. Specifically, me.

Horses are something I keep coming back to and the only reason I can figure out is that there must be something inherently narcotic about them.

As a little girl I adored them, and refused to give up on loving them even when I figured out that my toys and storybooks had lied about them: horses were not magical, loyal best friends but real, live, instinct driven animals.
As a young adult I was committed to them. I bought my own horse. I stuck through learning how to raise and train her. I worked at a barn and I became a competent horseperson, trainer's assistant, and instructor.
As a grown up I'm seeking to make it up to them. I betrayed them (I moved away from the barn and sold my horse) and I owe them. But most importantly, I miss them.

This Saturday I'm going to visit HorseNet Horse Rescue in Maryland. Partly because I miss horses, and partly because I feel like I need to do a penance for the horse life I gave up.

But mostly because these guys are super cute:

I can't help it. I'm a junky.

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