Friday, June 4, 2010

I love Animal People

In memory of Nooch the rat, I made a tribute donation in his name to AAVS—which is dedicated to ending animal testing. Nooch wasn't a test rat, but he was a great example of how intelligent and sweets rats can be.

One of my coworkers very sweetly donated a tribute to Nooch as well. I realize that rats aren't number one of everyone's list—some people are creeped out by them, don't think they're cuddly, or whatever. I mean, even if someone likes MOST animals, they might not like rats. It was really nice to have someone say, "I know what it's like to love and lose a pet rat."

I was already feeling pretty warm and fuzzy and then I received this email:

It says:

"Rats are quite loved here at AAVS, both personally and professionaly — our condolences for your loss. May happy memories of your buddy provide comfort at this time."

The exchange made my day. I am so grateful for a community of animal people that have such compassion—not only for the animals—but for each other.

<3 !

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