Sunday, January 10, 2010

Something to drink?

I'm cultivating a mild obsession with tea. Specifically, your victorian/edwardian variety. I'm not much interested in the other tea cultures I'm afraid, although I can thoroughly respect their merit. For me, the aesthetic of the victorian high tea is the thing.

I think it all started here:
I should note, that in my own tea party, the dishware is a touch less eclectic. Forgive me, as I combine interests. My tea set comes from The Village - otherwise known as Portmeirion.
I'm also a big fan of small plates. Which, if you think about it, is certainly a part of the tea party tradition. Not only can you sample a variety of teas but there are also finger-ready sandwiches and other confections for tasting.

Some resources:
Blue Moon Tea
Tea Forte
A $1,750 Russian teapot, shaped like a pumpkin

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