Wednesday, March 25, 2009

3 Random Things

Top Gear
If you've never seen this BBC program I highly recommend it. It suppose, technically, it's a car show. But you should know I have no particular interest or understanding of cars and yet I still unapologetically love this show.
The reason? One very obvious and girlish reason is The Stig. This is Top Gear's Tame Race Car Driver. The fact that The Stig is a racecar driver is purely incidental, really - it's the mystique around him that makes him truly excellent. You NEVER SEE HIS FACE. Everytime he is introduced there is an entertaining bit of mythology. And then he drives cars very quickly around a track, usually listening to something hilarious on the radio.
Another reason is the dynamic between the three cohosts: Jeremy, Richard and James. They all have distinct and endearing personalities. You can tell they honestly have a great time together. Plus, they're very silly and say tremendously silly (and terrifically british) things.
And finally - the car segments are entertaining. Their camera men are gods, I think, as they take some very artsy and brilliantly shot scenes. Apart from this they do some great things with cars. My all-time favorite is the soccer match between Little Cars.

Terminator Salvation, Third Trailer
I wouldn't say I'm a crazy fan of the Terminator Series in particular. I am generally a fan of Sci-Fi but not nearly to the degree some people are. But, I am looking forward to this latest installment because (and predictably) because it has my other boyfriend in it: Christian Bale. As if I needed more to be excited about, I've now watched the third trailer for this movie that has... oh yes.. Nine Inch Nails with the trailer music. If it had one more awesome thing in it, my head would have exploded, I'm pretty sure.

During one of our trips to New York, Sam and I caught sight of this graffitti tag everywhere: NECKFACE. We weren't quite sure what it was about. After all, the tag seemed to be on its own and looked kind of neanderthal/childish/scribblely. It was pretty hilarious. We thought maybe someone tagged NECKFACE by other good graffitti in a way to kind of "steal" it but that might have been coincidental. When we left New York we tried to find any other evidence of NECKFACE but failed. NECKFACE became kind of an inside joke - to be shouted during appropriate times. What the heck is a Neckface, anyway?
Imagine my delight when Sam found this website. Apparently Neckface is an artist. It's pretty crazy stuff and reminds me of some art that inmates would do. Neckface does not disappoint.


Laura said...

Hmmm... I kinda remember reading an article about Neckface in The New Yorker a few years ago.

Laura Jane said...

i see neckface here in NY and i've also seen it in PA!

go neckface!

june said...

It's a fantastic outburst to have. NECKFACE!

Also, let me note that I highly entertained that my readership consists exclusively of Lauras.

(I'm pretty sure.)