Sunday, February 8, 2009

Tea Time!

My tea came in the mail!

I'm prone to periods of obsession. I will, for instance, get hooked on a particular beverage for a week straight, or want to wear a certain scarf everytime I go out. Fortunately these times are relatively short lived, or it might be a little bizarre (and much too consistent for my mercurial little head).

Right now I'm obsessed with my Portmeirion mugs. I got them for Christmas from my mom. The pattern is called Crazy Daisy - and is a bit of a guilty pleasure. I'm not really a happy-flower kind of person. But! When I like something I try not to challenge the logic behind it. It just IS.

So, when you have awesome mugs, you want to use them. And although it's delicious, good coffee is kind of a pain in the ass to make. Plus, if you're drinking from Welsh dishware you might as well be drinking tea (even if they are not tea cups).

I like getting tea from Bluemoon Tea. They're a strictly online enterprise, run out of Tacoma, WA. Most of the tea it's tricky to find else where - imported! I think they had a better selection 5 years ago or so, but it's still pretty good. Plus, it's the only place I know of that sells Market Spice Tea which is a Seattle secret. So for the next several weeks I will be consuming the following:

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Laura Jane said...

check out tea forte if you haven't -- really really yummy. pricey but very luxurious and pretty.