Saturday, April 19, 2008


I have been very slack with my blog but very UN-slacky with my school work. For your amusement, some photographs of my various school labors.

The Biophilia book was based on an assignment prompting us to make a book from found objects. I went for a walk around the lake and picked up various bits of nature to include.

The rat picture was study of motion in photography. I let Nooch run around the apartment like a menace. Of course, just looking at this photo, not knowing it's my dear loving rat, gives the shot a kind of dirty/creepy feeling. Fun!

This was my mid-term. It was a book based on a quote by Egon Schiele. I was pretty disappointed by the way it turned out but it took me many sleepless nights to make so I figure I'd better include it on principle.

Tea bag! This was just a study in detail and light. It looks very texturey and touchable so I liked it.

This is probably my favorite book I've made so far which is funny because it was an assignment that was meant to push our understanding of what a book is. We weren't allowed ot use any paper, or paper products. So I used a jaw bone of a deer (supplied by Mr. Tim) and used it as my book spine. I painted it with india ink. The pages are plastic, with wax dripped around them. I punched holes in the wax and then sewed wax thread through it to attach it to the spine. Creepy and awesome.

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